Plan for tomorrow: T minus 55 days

Published January 23, 2012 by PinkEnergizerBunny

Overall, probably the most productive Monday of my life. Or at least 2012. 😉

I am shocked and astonished as to how making a to-do list the night before helped me stay on track today. I did not even log-in to facebook until 5:30pm!!! Wow! (That’s a huge achievement…)

Literally I pulled up last night’s post and had it open as a tab all day long. Every time my mind began to wander I would glance at the list of things that needed to be checked off. This got me moving all day long!

Let’s go through what I got done today (note that I dipped generously into my “if i am ambitious” pile):

  1. Set up experiment MD-32 (it was done in 1hr so I worked it up too! Now ready for column separation) 
  2. Set up column for MD-33
  3. Run column on MD-33   ok this was a bit too ambitious…
  4. Look up the 5 articles in “Find these” folder in Dropbox
  5. export the 50 citations I printed out today
  6. Upload the 50 citations into Endnote (See #4)
  7. Have official UMBC transcript sent downtown (FINALLY… long over-due!) –emailed UMB asking for exact recipient address, so this goal is put on hold for now
  8. Make updated list of experiments left to do-
  9. Make a *detailed* daily schedule
  10. 13C NMR on MD-20
  11. 1H NMR of MD-31 
  12. 13C NMR of MD-31
  13. 13c NMR on MD-34
Not too shabby for the first day, if I do say so myself! Now onto my plan for tomorrow so that I can repeat this level of success 🙂
  1. Make an updated list of experiments left to do
  2. Make a *detailed* daily schedule
  3. Run MD-33 column (set up from today)
  4. Set up MD-32 column for Weds
  5. Set up reaction MD-20
  6. Go through literature references from old projects (big binder in lab) to see what I will need for dissertation
  7. Organize Spectral Data…this will be a HUGE undertaking
  8. Physically go to library and xerox 3 articles (not online but in print at AOK)
  9. Prepare samples for HR-MS. Specifically:
  • MD-20
  • MD-22
  • MD-31
  • MD-34



3 comments on “Plan for tomorrow: T minus 55 days

  • Thanks! That means a lot! 🙂
    Maybe you should start a blog too…I was skeptical at first too but really it takes me about 10mins daily to post- and it feels SO GOOD to cross things off my list!!!
    You could call it “Dr. Carlos gets a double doctorate”

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