T minus 42 days

Published February 6, 2012 by PinkEnergizerBunny
Today was quite the busy day and not- all at the same time. I tried to get to work as soon as I returned from the baby shower I had to go to this afternoon, but I could not help but feel that most of my effective time was gone by the time I actually sat down to work. Sigh.
I guess I should take it as a positive that I’d rather be working than relaxing? Or maybe the stress is talking.
Either way, when I got the Commons (rm 327) tonight, I actually got a lot done, of course inspired by my comrade DH peeps in the room, typing away furiously. That always helps! 🙂 I did something very out of character for me as well: I DID NOT GO TO LAB TO WORK TONIGHT! <gasp>
I did not even wash glassware, like I said I would, my typical Sunday night routine. <gasp> again. Though normally I’d be upset at myself for not keeping a goal I had set for the day, I think this reflects an important paradigm shift…I’m starting to finally understand that in order to finish this document one day, I need to WRITE FIRST, LAB SECOND. Slowly, but surely. A big pat on the back for me not going to my lab tonight.
Ok that was a lie (somewhat)…I did set foot into my lab, just to literally LOOK at my reaction and hence feel better [my lab is like home to me and I am starting to realize this as the end is approaching- aka WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?], but once I saw the discouraging appearance of my reaction (t’s now completely heterogeneous and a thick mixture and we just won’t go there right now or I will start to stress out) I PHYSICALLY peeled myself away from the lab and made myself go to the Commons to work on the Thesis.doc instead…
I know for sure that had I stayed in the lab to work out the kinks of my reaction woes, a million hrs would pass me by, and I would still have an empty page with a blinking cursor b/c I would be too engrossed with my experiments to write about them in the only doc that matters! Oh, the irony.
When my thesis template began giving me formatting issues like you won’t believe- aka chapters and headings jumping all over the place every time I try to fix the style (is it just me?! please tell me it isn’t!) I had a STRONG urge to run to my lab and wash glassware, play with my reaction, read up on a new procedure, do something. ANYTHING. I did NOT let myself, because we all know what that would have turned into. Carlos tried his best to calm me down and even made me feel better because I was convinced that the perfectly formatted doc has to be turned in to PROQUEST on April 30th, thus resulting in heart palpitations. He found that the document must be submitted that day, but formatting issues can be fixed in the days to follow. WHEW! ONE LESS STRESS TO DEAL WITH before the deadline!!!! 🙂
OK so here is what I did today (including ~3hrs in the Commons):
  1. Go to baby shower 12-4pm (family obligation)
  2. Check status of rxn (distill???) I looked but did not let myself stay to work- i will figure this out tomorrow! 
  3. Wash glassware! this is a good thing that I did not go to lab!!!!
  4. Add section on buffers and Hb cross-linking  into experimental section (Ch. 6)
  5. Look through 8 old lab reports remaining and enter summaries into notepad
  6. Read articles in Thio-Michael section (Lit Binder 1) and enter summaries into Excel “Literature Quick-Sheet” (3hr)- While I did not do this particular category, I managed to tack off 2 smaller categories in my mega binder- see below
Things NOT on my original list that I also accomplished:
  1. Looked up rxn info on cysteine rxn with MD-20 in phosphate buffer
  2. looked up how to make a buffer system I will need
  3. spent about an hour on understanding cross-linking procedure
  4. agonized over formatting issues in my doc (abt 30min of panic and fury)
  5. read 21 articles on Michael reaction (general and aza sections)  and put them into my Lit References QuickSheet (I told you anger about not checking things off eventually turns into productivity!) 
 OK I have an EXTREMELY busy day in the lab tomorrow- must get a TON done!
Good night!  -.-

PLAN for Monday, Feb 6th 2012:

  1. Check status of rxn (distill?, crude NMR? something!)
  2. Wash glassware! maybe…
  3. MD-34 side product- 1H NMR and 13C NMR
  4. Read articles in Thio-Michael section (Lit Binder 1) and enter summaries into Excel “Literature Quick-Sheet” (3hr)
  5. find MD-27 IR
  6. Study calculations for Hb expt and devise expt that is similar using cysteine
  7. TLC of cysteine adduct and possibly set up column

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