T minus 23 days until Defense

Published April 3, 2012 by PinkEnergizerBunny

Didn’t blog last night b/c it was THAT kind of night. Super frustration, tears, screams, doubt, etc etc etc.

It’s closer to T minus 22 days at this point than T minus 23, which means another blog post is due tonight, but writing SOMETHING is better than nothing. Don’t want to be a fail today ALL AROUND!

Let’s back-track…last night I tried to make some more edits on my dissertation and that is what started the outbursts. I decided to go to sleep early, wake up fresh and get started anew- with a less emotional outlook.

Everyone makes such a big deal about writing the BIG DOCUMENT, that nothing about the time following it gets mentioned. This is sad. I hope that my blog at least partially clears up some of this ambiguity. No one mentions what happens after you submit your final version and wait for edits, make your presentation, getting signatures, filling out paperwork, getting a parking permit for your outside member, planning your celebration after your defense (work & private!), scheduling practices, and putting in edits. These things sound SIMPLE but trust you me they are underrated! No one prepared me for this part of the game…trying to handle it as best as I can by blogging and being organized, but it is not simple when in your mind you feel the “release” after completing the big goal of writing. As if! Future PhDers: it is not over til it’s over! Be fore-warned!!! Make a plan TODAY of how you will plan your time after you are done writing. Silly as it may sound, you won’t regret this!  ~End rant~

This morning I had scheduling issues at UHS, which ultimately worked out nicely b/c I have more time to edit my dissertation- yay? 🙂 Trying to be positive here….

I still had to wait over 40 mins for a simple blood test, and after being poked and prodded TWICE (both were semi-fails, I am the vampire’s worst case scenario!), I almost passed out, which took more time. Lol

Anywho, they told me that they prob didn’t get enough blood (they blame dehydration, I blame THEM!) I may need to come back tomorrow….Whatever. I will deal with that THEN.

Back to business now. I have been in the library all day with Carlos, working diligently to finish this editing process once and for all, so that I can give a good clean copy to my readers tomorrow morning. Though my goal was TODAY, I think I will still be ok because my original sched had a lot of fudge time built in.

Carlos had some of his own setbacks yesterday, and glad we could work through them. NO QUITTING ALLOWED!!! Happy that we are getting this D O N E!!!! <shameless plug of how having a dissertation buddy saves your life goes here>

Review of yesterday:

  1. Make corrections to thesis getting there….
  2. check status of reaction from yesterday– work-up? who are we kidding?
  3. Susan’s dry run 12:30pm glad to help a DH buddy 🙂 she is in good shape for Friday!

Gonna keep working until this is done! Will blog later tonight…


Plan for Tuesday, April 3rd 2012


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